I was born in 1960 in a small country town called Queenstown, from farming stock in the region called the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  After completing my schooling in the coastal town of East London, I went to study Graphic Design for three years at the Cape Technikon in beautiful Cape Town.

Having always harbored a desire to travel, I winded up in Israel, in the late 1980's, which was to become my life long passion. As an artist my obsession to paint Jerusalem was unquenchable. I lived there for three years and after having been exposed to this Middle Eastern symphony of colors, moods and themes, vastly differing from my original  “out of Africa” experience, this contrast of interests is what makes my collection unique.  From devoted Jewish Rabbi’s in prayer shawls to dusty skies from a herd of cattle, to quirky sports cartoons is just a few of the extreme themes I love to explore in painting.

I now live in Cape Town with my husband James Campbell and supply galleries within South Africa and abroad in the USA and Australia. But mostly produce on demand for private commissions.

For many years I illustrated on a freelance basis for National Medical, sports and tourist magazines which satisfied my love for the human condition. Being able to see the brighter side of life in a difficult situation.  A gift greatly needed in our sad world.

In the early 2000’s I bravely took a large collection of art to America which has opened up the way for future exhibitions, where my favored themes include moody, often stormy landscapes, where dust and wild skies have become, to those familiar with my works, an Elizabeth Robertson Campbell trademark.

I trust you will enjoy my diverse collection of theme and style.  As you will see, commissioned art work is my forte’, so I would be honored to assist you in having your favorite scene or school, farm, estate or holiday sunset etc converted into an original oil or water color painting.  A possible heirloom for future generations.

Other than my first passion of art, I have written a book called "The Choice" which is a love story of note, but more than that, a decision that I needed to make that would change my life completely.  I also run a ministry business with my husband called Zembe Communication.

May the Campbell-Art experience be a delight to those who log on and we look forward to serving you in any way possible.